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Ecotect Tutorial : Working with graphs


This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Analysis Graph Toolbar when working graphs in Ecotect.


You will need about 5 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Training and Accreditation

This tutorial is not required for training and accreditation purposes.

Resources Required

To complete this tutorial, open any new or existing file in Ecotect.


The Analysis Graph Toolbar is displayed on the left-hand side of the Analysis page and the right-hand side when the graph is undocked. It allows you to control aspects of the graph as well as saving and exporting data.

The toolbar when docked.

The toolbar when docked.

The toolbar when undocked.

The toolbar when undocked.

The two locations of the Analysis Graph Toolbar.

Use this button to dock and undock the analysis graphs from the main application window.

View Section
These tool buttons allow you to zoom in and out as well as fit the graph to the current canvas size.

Copy to Clipboard
This command copies the current graph to the clipboard as either an enhanced Windows metafile (EMF) or as an RGB Windows bitmap (BMP). You can then paste either of these directly into other graphics or desktop publishing applications. You can also choose to save the graph to disk as a Metafile, Bitmap or JPEG image.

Store Current Graph
This toolbar stores the current graph data as dotted lines to allow comparison with alternate scenarios or analysis conditions. To clear the stored values, simply click again. Obviously not all graphical displays are suitable for this kind of comparison, in which case the snapshot will simply not work.

Save Graph Data
This toolbar saves values in the current graph to disk. The format of the data in each graph will vary, however they are all simple ASCII CSV file whose structure will be fairly obvious when you examine them. CSV simply means comma separated values, allowing them to be loaded directly into any spreadsheet application such as MS Excel.

Display Legend
This toolbar simply toggles the display of the data legend, either at the bottom of the graph or, for colour-scaled graphs, down the right-hand side.

Customise Scale
This toolbar allows you to set and lock/unlock the vertical scale (Y-axis) of the graph. For colour-scaled data, you can customise both the scale and the value range using the Colour Scale dialog.

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