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WeatherTool: Main Window

The Weather Tool comprises a single main application window with five main components. These include the main graphical display in the centre with the main menu and control panels down the left side and the weather file explorer down the right.

The Weather Tool main application window.
The Weather Tool main application window.

Changing the View

You can pan and zoom the graphical display by clicking and dragging it with the right mouse button. If, as you are doing this, you look in the Status Bar at the bottom of the window, instructions are provided on using keyboard modifiers to control the view.


You can pan the view by simply clicking and dragging with the right mouse button with no keyboard modifiers. If you have the appropriate mouse, clicking and dragging with the middle mouse button also pans the view. You can also use the Shift/Control + Arrow Keys when the sun-path window has the input focus. When doing this, the Shift and Control keys modify the amount of pan in each direction.

Use the Shift Key to pan


Holding down the Shift key whilst dragging with the right mouse button allows you to zoom in and out. This is done by moving the mouse up/down or right/left. If you have a mouse wheel, you can use this to zoom in and out also.

The Display Context Menu

A quick right-click and release without moving the mouse displays the context menu specific to each type of display. You can use the items in this menu to choose commonly-used settings.

User Interface Elements

The following pages describe the user interface elements in each of these windows.


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