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SolarTool: Window Panel

Controls in the WINDOW MODEL panel

The Window Model sits within the 3D Model Window and is used to specify the dimensions and orientation of the window model. You can open and/or close this panel by clicking in its title area. If you click on the status icon on the right-hand side, the panel will open/close without affecting any of the other panels around it.

Ways to interactively change numeric values

Editing Numeric Values

When editing any of the numeric values in this panel, you can use the PageUp/PageDn keys or the mouse wheel to increment/decrement the current value whenever the edit box has the input focus. Holding down the Shift and Control keys will increase or decrease the current increment/decrement values. If you manually enter a new value, remember to hit the Enter key to apply your changes to the model.


This control allows you to set the orientation of the window relative to true north. The orientation is given in degrees clockwise from the north point. If you set this manually, remember to hit the Enter key to update the model with your changes.


Use this selector to choose the component of the window you wish to specify the dimensions of. The values in the edit boxes below will change to reflect the parameter values specific to each component. You can also select and edit any of these components by clicking within the 3D Model with the left mouse button.

The following model components are available:

  • Window
  • Rear Wall
  • Horizontal Shade
  • Vertical Shade
  • Solar Pergola
  • Detached 1-8
Component Parameters

The number and type of parameters in this area depend on the selected component. For example, the rear wall only has three parameters, length, width and height. The window, however, has additional parameters for sill height and perimeter offsets.

When entering values for each parameter, all angles are given in degrees and dimensions in the current units. A range of metric and imperial units are available in the Settings Dialog. You can also enter simple resolvable equations as well as just numbers (such as 25*150).

Once you have set the parameters for a particular component, don’t forget to hit the Enter key to have them take effect.

Lock Vert+Horz Shades

Checking this item locks the depth of all horizontal and vertical shading devices around the window. In this mode, angling the horizontal or vertical shades will affect the edges of the others, as shown in the animation below.

Animation showing locked vertical and horizontal shades.
Animation showing locked vertical and horizontal shades.

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