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SolarTool: Location Panel

Controls in the LOCATION PANEL

The Location Panel sits within the main Sun-Path Window and controls the date, time and location of the site for the 3D Window Model. You can open and/or close this panel by clicking in its title area. If you click on the status icon on the right-hand side, the panel will open/close without affecting any of the other panels around it.

Ways to interactively change numeric values

Editing Numeric Values

When editing any of the numeric values in this panel, you can use the PageUp/PageDn keys or the mouse wheel to increment/decrement the current value whenever the edit box has the input focus. Holding down the Shift and Control keys will increase or decrease the current increment/decrement values. If you manually enter a new value, remember to hit the Enter key to apply your changes to the model.

Date/Time Settings

These controls set the current date and time. This determines the position of the Sun in the sky - which is displayed as a yellow circle in the Sun-Path diagram and as shadows on the surfaces of the 3D Window Model.

Time and Date Values

The top two edit boxes allow you to enter date and time values directly whilst the box. The selector immediately below allows you to choose the month of the year. When you select a month, the current date value is checked and modified if necessary to fit within the range of possible days in that month.

Daylight Savings

This basically increments local time by one hour to account for daylight savings. This is a manual switch that does not automatically determine if a location is on or off daylight saving.

Global Position

The values in this section determine the location of the site on the surface of the Earth. This also affects the position of the Sun in the sky throughout the year.


Defines the latitude of the site for the building. These values are always in degrees, positive for the northern latitudes, negative for southern.


Defines the longitude of the site for the building. These values are always in degrees, taken relative to Greenwich, England.

Location Time Zone

This selector sets the time zone of the location. The time zone is relative to GMT and is given as a positive or negative value in hours.


Use this button to invoke the Location Tool (if you have it installed), allowing you to search an extensive database of towns and cities throughout the world.


Use this button to invoke an interactive world map, allowing you to click and drag to establish your exact location. You can resize this map in order to increase the accuracy of your mouse clicks.

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