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SolarTool: Display Panel

Controls in the DISPLAY OPTIONS panel

The Display Options panel sits within the main 3D Window Model and controls the rendering of the 3D model. You can open and/or close this panel by clicking in its title area. If you click on the status icon on the right-hand side, the panel will open/close without affecting any of the other panels around it.

Ways to interactively change numeric values

Editing Numeric Values

When editing any of the numeric values in this panel, you can use the PageUp/PageDn keys or the mouse wheel to increment/decrement the current value whenever the edit box has the input focus. Holding down the Shift and Control keys will increase or decrease the current increment/decrement values. If you manually enter a new value, remember to hit the Enter key to apply your changes to the model.

Foreground & Background Colours

These two colours set the visual environement in which the 3D model is drawn. As its name suggests, the background colour is used to fill the background to the model whilst the foreground colour provides an alternate colour which will stand out against the background.

Surface Display

Use the options in this group to determine the colours that filled polygons will be rendered in. The foreground and background options refer to the two colours immediately above. If the Not Drawn option is checked, the model is drawn in wireframe with no solid surfaces.

Outline Display

The first set of options in this group determine colour in the same way as those in the Surface Display group above, except in this case they apply to object outlines.

Line Width

This setting controls the pixel width of lines drawn in the OpenGL display. Most graphics cards only support integer widths, however some do allow sub-pixel increments which looks great and is why this value may be input as a decimal.

Anti-Aliased Line

Checking this option to have Solar Tool reduce the pixel jaggedness of lines drawn in the model. This will result in a smoother looking image, but will take slightly longer to render.

Model Grid

The controls in this group determine how the model grid is displayed, always located at the plane Z=0 to indicate ground level.

Reset OpenGL Display

Just in case the OpenGL hardware encounters a hiccup, use this item to re-initialise the display area and solve the problem.

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