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Activation: Network Activation

Once you have installed the licence service on your local server, you will need to activate your purchased licences.

Step-By-Step Guide

This can be done using the Service Activation... button in the LICENCE SERVICE ADMINISTRATION area of the Square One Service Manager. Clicking this button will display the Licence Activation Wizard. This works in a similar way to the desktop licence method in that it generates a licence file specifically for the Licence Service. Once activated, client workstations can begin requesting licences from the Licence Service.

1. Choose Activation Method

In the Licence Activation Wizard, you need to choose the activation method you prefer. If you have already received your licence file by email, you can choose the I have already received my licence file for activation option. Otherwise choose the Activate via the Internet option.

When you click the Next button to continue, the software will attempt to establish a connection to the Internet -- so at this point you need to make sure your computer is online for this to work.

The display when the wizard is connecting to a Square One Activation Server
The display when the wizard is connecting to a Square One Activation Server

2. Login to the Activation Server

Next you need to login to the Square One Activation Server with the details from your order. You need your e-mail address, password and Proof of Purchase Number (these details will have been e-mailed to you when you completed your purchase).

If you wish to update an existing licence, select the corresponding Proof of Purchase Number from the list, otherwise simply type in just the new number you have received (all other information in the text area of the selection box is ignored).

3. Allocate licences and Confirm activation

In this page the details of your purchase are displayed. The next step is to enter the number of licences you wish to allocate to the Licence Service on this computer. This number cannot be greater than the number of remaining available licences. Once you have entered the number of licence to allocate, ensure that you check the I confirm that this computer is the licence server item before clicking the Next button.

4. Network Licence Details

In order for other computers to be able to find the Local Network Licence Server, you will need to enter the server's IP address so that it can be stored within the licence file. By default, any other computers in the same sub-domain as the server will automatically be allowed to access licences. To serve licences to computers outside the sub-domain, you can add other sub-domains to the Client Workstation IP Address Range list. The licence server will only accept licence requests from computers belonging to the sub-domains in this list.

5. Restart Licence Service

Once you click the Next button, the licence will be generated, downloaded and stored locally on the Network Licence Server. The new licences will only become available to other computers when the Licence Service is restarted. You can do this using the Restart Licence Service button in the centre of this final page.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to restart immediately, you can use the Finish button to close the wizard and then manually restart using the LICENCE SERVICE CONTROLS section in the Square One Service Manager.

Returning Licence to the Square One Activation Servers

If you wish to transfer the Licence Service to a different computer, you can if you first return the network licence back to the Square One Activation Servers. This removes the licences from the current server and makes them available when activating the new server. When you choose the Return selected licences to Square One server option, the following page is displayed.

This page lists the various licences that have been activated on this server. You must select the item in the list representing the licences you wish to return and then make sure the I confirm the returm of selected licences item is checked. Pressing Next will return the licences to the server and prompt you to restart the Licence Service.

Activation: Network Service
Activation: Connecting Clients


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