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Activation: Network Licence

This method allows you to share a limited number of software licenses between a large number of workstations. Each workstation requests a licence from a central pool only when the application is actually opened by a user and, when the application is closed, the licence is released back. Multiple instances of the same application on the one machine use only a single licence and the system is fully tolerant of workstation crashes and temporary network outages.

Network licence layout.
With a network licence, client machines connect to a central server to obtain their licence. The actual software can be installed either locally on each client or on a shared folder on the server.

Network Licence Details

The network licence method requires that you set up a local network licence server on your local area network. Once set up, any other computer on the local area network can request a licence from this server. This server can be any computer that is:

  • running Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 or NT,
  • has an internet connection for communication with the Square One Activation Server,
  • has a static private IP address (IP address as seen by computers on your local area network),
  • has a static public IP address (IP address as seen by computers external to your network, ie. through the Internet), and
  • will be operational during the times you wish to be using the software.

To set up a local network licence server, you install a small program that runs in the background receiving and processing licence requests (the network install is provided by email when a commercial or educational products are purchased). Even on large networks the CPU usage and traffic generated by this process is insignificant. This small background program is known as the Licence Service.

The Licence Service can serve any number of licences for any of the different Square One applications. You can automatically add or remove licences from subsequent purchases and control access to each set of licences using specific IP address ranges.

You may also allow users to check-out temporary licences from the pool to allow, for eaxmple, a laptop to be taken to a clients office or to an employees home over the weekend. These temporary licences last a maximim of 30 days and are automatically re-credited to the licence server unless checked back in or extended beforehand.

Setting Up Local Network Licences

There are three important steps in setting up your network licences:

  1. Installing the Licence Service
    involves downloading the Square One Service Manager and installing the Licence Service on the computer you wish to use as your local network licence server (step-by-step guide).
  2. Activating Your Purchased Licences
    Using the Activation Wizard in the Square One Service Manager to generate a network licence file on your local network licence server to begin serving licences (step-by-step guide).
  3. Connecting Worstations to Your Server
    Installing the actual software on each client machine or in a shared network folder and using the Activation Wizard within it to locate the local network licence server (step-by-step guide).

The Square One Licence Service Manager

To assist in setting up and managing the Licence Service, we have developed the Square One Licence Service Manager. This provides the local systems administrator with a graphical user interface through which to control the Licence Service and check the status of licences. It also simplifies the task of installing and uninstalling the Licence Service as well as activating new licences as they are purchased.

Square One Licence Service Manager.
Square One Licence Service Manager.

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Activation: Network Service


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