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Activation: Desktop Licence

This method is simplest and easiest to use, and is appropriate for most people who wish to use the software on just one computer.

Desktop licences work by creating a desktop serial number unique to your computer and generating a licence file based on this unique number. This licence file is then saved locally on your computer so that the software can refer to it whenever it starts. If this licence file is deleted, renamed or moved, your software will revert to evaluation-only mode and will need to be re-activated.

Desktop licence layout.
With desktop licences, the software is installed and licenced on each individual machine, whether it is stand-alone or networked.

Transferring Your Desktop Licence to a New Computer

You can transfer your desktop licence to a new computer if both computers are connected to the Internet. This is a simple process very similar to software activation and is described in full on our Step-by-step guide to desktop licence transfer page. Transferring a licence can be done any number of times and only takes a few moments to do.

Important Note: If you are about to undertake any Operating System or hardware upgrades to your computer we recommend that you transfer your software licence back to the Square One Activation Servers. Transferring your licence before upgrading will ensure that you are able to activate the software successfully again once your computer upgrade is complete.

Renamed or Moved Desktop Licence File

If you know what the licence file has been renamed to or where it has been moved, then all you need to do is use the I have already received my licence file for activation option in the initial page of the Software Activation wizard to browse and re-locate it. Licence files are of the form ECO_v5.lic for Ecotect, WEA_v2.lic for the Weather Tool and SOL_v2.lic for the Solar Tool.

To re-locate your licence file use the I have already received my licence file for activation option.
To re-locate a licence file if it has been renamed or moved, use the I have already received my licence file for activation option.

Lost or Deleted Desktop Licence File

If your licence file has been deleted or you (and the software) can't find it, then you can get your licence back by going through the Software Activation process again. Doing this via the Internet will restore your licence within a few moments (depending on the speed of your Internet connection).

If you have purchased multiple licences, then re-activating a computer that has been previously been assigned a licence will not use up another one of your licences. As long as your computer hasn't changed in any significant way (i.e. it's desktop serial number is the same), then it will be recognised and the original licence re-issued.

Activation: Desktop Transfer


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