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Software Activation

Software activation is the process of obtaining a licence for your software so that it becomes active and ready to use on your computer. This can be done automatically over the internet or manually by phone, fax or email. You can only activate software that you have already purchased a licence for.

Remote licence activation.
Automatic activation can be done anytime and from anywhere. It only requires that your machine be connected to the internet.

Licence Method

When activating your software you can choose to assign each licence to a specific computer (desktop licence) or, if you have multiple licences and a local area network, allow them to float between connected computers (network licence). For most people the desktop licence is the quickest and easiest method. For larger firms and universities, a network or combination licence may be more suitable.

You should read the following guides in order to better understand the benefits of each option and choose the one most appropriate to your needs:

How do I Activate My Software ?

To best meet the needs of different customers, there are a number of ways you can activate your software:

Desktop Licence
Network Licence

Tip: Activation by the Internet is the quickest method, is secure and also allows software licences to be transfered between computers.

Additional Functions

Once you have activated your software, you can transfer a desktop licence between different computers, or when you upgrade your own computer, or temporarily check out a floating network licence for use on the weekends or whilst on holiday.

What is Involved in Software Activation ?

Activation is a simple process by which a small licence file is copied to your computer which, when detected by the software when it starts up, changes it from evaluation (trial) mode to a fully licenced program that allows you to save, print and generally use it without restriction.

You may receive this file by email along with your sales confirmation or, more usually, by going through the online activation process within the software itself. Alternatively, you may choose to activate your software manually by phone, fax or email if you do not wish to use the online system.

When Should I Activate my Software ?

Software activation needs to be done after you have purchased the software and before you need to start saving and printing the data you create in it.

If you inadvertently delete the licence file, or remove/re-install the software, you will need to activate again. The activation process will recognise your computer if you have previously activated the software on it (though not if you subsequently transferred it to another computer) and re-issue your existing licence rather than requesting a new one.


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