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Ecotect Hints And Tips

Using [ALT+TAB] with Ecotect Help:

ALT+TAB is a useful keyboard shortcut for cycling through all of the different windows or applications you have open simultaneously. However you may have noticed that if you have the Ecotect Help window open, this shortcut doesn't work, and you have to minimise the Help window in order to return to the main Ecotect window. To work around this, open the Ecotect help file via Windows Explorer instead. The file is called Ecotect.chm and is found in the Ecotect program folder, which is typically located at C:\Program Files\Square One. However, if you open the help file in this way, note that the Show Me... scripting links will not function correctly.

Daylight Analysis Grid in Foot-candles:

Quite a few US users are looking for a translation of the Daylight Analysis Grid from the default Lux units to Foot-candles. Although Ecotect does not currently do the conversion automatically, the user can manage the Analysis Grid so as to show the Illumunance values in Foot-candles: 1. Perform the Daylight analysis on the grid and display the illuminance in Lux. 2. Click on "Grid Management" button, then on the "Edit Grid Data" tab. 3. Type “V * 0.0929023” as the equation to apply to the grid data; this will convert your current Lux values (“V”) to foot-candles. Press “Apply”. 4. Click the tab “ Manage Grid Data” and make sure the Daylighting Level is selectionned, then edit the “Lux” under the units column, to “Foot-candles”, then press “OK”. 5. Now your grid may go back to all blue. Go ahead and reset the scale under “Fit displayed values”.

Et voila!, Presto Foot-candles… note that if you do step 5 before step 4, it won’t work. I tried… I do not know why, but the grid then reset itself to 0…

Hints And Tips


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