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Ecotect Tutorial : Divide Large Surfaces


This ECOTECT tutorial explains how to divide a large surface into smaller divisions for analysis purposes.


You will need about 5 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Training and Accreditation

Successfully completing this tutorial fulfills one of the practical skills required for completing Level 2 of the Solar Radiation Analysis training module.

Resources Required

To complete this tutorial, open the ECOTECT file, located in the Examples folder of your ECOTECT installation.


  1. Select the plane as shown in the screenshot. Then go to the Modify»Surface Subdivisions»Rectangular Tiles... menu item.
    Select the plane as shown.
    Select the plane as shown.
  2. The following dialogue box appears - here you can specify the size of the surface subdivisions, and how they are tiled across the selected surface. Use the settings are shown in the screenshot, and then click Ok.
    Use the following settings for the surface subdivision.
    Use the following settings for the surface subdivision.
  3. The following error message may appear.
    Click Ok to continue.
    Click Ok to continue.
    Click Ok to continue anyway. When you do, Ecotect generates the surfaces subdivisions on the current zone.
    The selected plane is now subdivided.
    The selected plane is now subdivided.

Useful Tips

  • In the above example, the original object being subdivided is deleted upon creation of the new subdivided surface. To keep the original object in addition to the newly created subdivided surface, uncheck the Delete Original Object checkbox in the Surface Subdivision dialogue box.
  • If you do decide to keep both the original and new subdivided objects, you may want to create a new zone and relocate the subdivisions to this zone, in order to have more control over how the subdivisions are displayed. To do this, first create a new zone in the Zone Management panel. Then select the subdivided surface in the model, and then right-click on the newly-created zone. From the context menu that appears, select the Move Objects To option.
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