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Ecotect Tutorial : Adjusting Date and Time


This tutorial explains how to adjust the date and time in your Ecotect model.


You will need about 5 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Training and Accreditation

Successfully completing this tutorial fulfills one of the practical skills required for completing Level 1 of the Shadows and Reflections training module.

Resources Required

To complete this tutorial, open any of the files contained in the Examples folder of your Ecotect installation.


  1. Pick a month, any month.
    Pick a month, any month.
    Adjusting time and date settings is done via the Zone/Cursor toolbar, as shown in the screenshot. Use the buttons and drop down boxes to select the desired time and date. If you like, try turning on shadows to see how they vary depending on the date and time of day selected.
  2. Special dates, but no flowers.
    Special dates, but no flowers.
    Sometimes you'll need to perform a shading analysis for a specific time and date of the year, such as at 12:00 on the Winter Solstice. If you click on the button, Ecotect has important dates and times for the location automatically configured - just select the one required.
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