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On-Line Courses

Square One On-Line Courses comprise a series of exercises that test your knowledge of building analysis and environmental performance. Each exercise directs you to an extensive range of background information available on this site and elsewhere on the web, all directly relevant to the questions it contains.

Exercises can be done individually or structured into a series of topic-based courses. Users can also voluntarily join assessment groups so that group leaders can view summaries of their progress and compile mark sheets.

This results in a series of on-line courses eminently suitable for both continuing professional development (CPD) and inclusion within university architecture and engineering courses at all levels.

For more information see the Concept Index topic.

Ongoing Development

Work is currently underway to develop new material and convert the original Square One environmental design notes to form the basis of our new course structure. Until then, these notes are still available in the Square One Archive.


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How can I sign-up in on-line courses?



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