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Thermal Analysis

ECOTECT Help : Passive Adaptivity Index

last updated 9 May 2008

The passive adaptivity index graph in ECOTECT allows you to evaluate the passive performance of a building.

ECOTECT Tutorial: Troubleshooting EnergyPlus Errors

last updated 17 April 2008


This tutorial explains how to troubleshoot simple errors that may occur when exporting an ECOTECT model to EnergyPlus.


You will need about 40 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Training and Accreditation

Successfully completing this tutorial fulfills one of the practical skills required for completing Level 3 of the Thermal Analysis and Energy training module.

Resources Required

To complete this tutorial, download and open the file found under the File Attchments section of this tutorial. You will also need to have the current version of EnergyPlus installed on your computer, and ECOTECT must configured to locate the EnergyPlus installation folder.

It is recommended that you first complete the Exporting To EnergyPlus tutorial.


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