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Dr. Andrew J. Marsh


Isle of Man, United Kingdom

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Andrew is an architect, building science researcher and software author, now working on sustainable design and analysis at Autodesk. Until recently he was co-founder and head of development at Square One research. Andrew’s main passion is writing software. He is the principal author of all the architectural science and design tools available at the Ecotect website, including Ecotect, and all the web programming that drives this site.

Andrew studied architecture at the University of Western Australia and also received his doctoral degree there. He has worked as an environmental analyst, environmental design consultant, lecturer in architectural science / computing at the University of Western Australia and research fellow at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, before going on to start his own software development company which was recently acquired by Autodesk. Andrew is now Principal Software Engineer for AEC-Simulation at Autodesk.

Andrew is also creative director of this journal and regularly contributes research papers at international conferences and in other journals.

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