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Archived Ecotect Resources - Community WIKI

Welcome to the Archived Ecotect Resources Community WIKI, a free resource of reference and educational material on the desktop component of Autodesk Ecotect Analysis and related topics.

Information and Resources

Tools to explain and promote performance-driven building design and practice.

  • Analysis Concepts
    Notes detailing some important concepts in the environmental design of buildings.
  • Software Documentation
    Software documentation and product help file.
  • Training Packages
    Structured teaching and learning materials forming our on-line courses.
  • ECOTECT Tutorials
    A wide range of useful tutorials on the specifics of using the software.
  • Hints and Tips
    User-contributed snippets of useful knowledge and experience.
  • Glossary
    Detailed definitions of important terms used on this site.

Tools and Utilities

Pages containing calculators, widgets and converters to make life easier.

  • Interactive Location Map
    Locate your site in a Google map and retrieve its exact longitude and latitude in a range of different formats.
  • HTML to Wiki Format Converter
    If you want to convert some raw HTML code it WIKI text format, just copy/paste into this tool and let it do the work for you.
  • Solar Position Calculator
    A couple of different caculation tools enabling you to get accurate sun positions for any location and time of year.

News and Events

Important news items and event announcements.

  • Website Moved
    After the recent closure of and, a lot of the resources have been moved here so that they are still available to the community. Also, as the same WIKI format has been kept, we hope to be able to get some help from interested users in updating and maintaining the materials here.

Previous Resources

Where to find resources from the old Ecotect site within the new layout.

  • Square One archive
    You can still access all the old architectural science notes in their original form.
  • ECOTECT v5.20 Tutorials
    A lot of people have asked where the old v5.20 tutorials went. They are still available, but hopefully our very latest will be much better.


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